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the stars are bright tonight.

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14th June 2010

6:37am: "hey you, who are you kidding?"
Take back everything you ever said
You never meant a word of it
You never did
Take back everything you said
You never meant a word of it
You never did.

i used to listen to them like, EVERYDAY for awhile.

i can't wait to read those letters
with christina jane merwin. i'm sure
i sounded like a retard. :D

dyslexic fingers.
Current Mood: thirsty

8th June 2010

10:51am: "we are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it.."
what's up with me quoting stuff all the time?!

good run with pierre & tere.
yeah! i'm so proud of myself..
i ACTUALLY got out of bed for that.
we're pathetically out of shape though.
i'm nothing like last summer.

..in many, many ways. oh yes. :}

so, i don't know what it is with me,
i'm like..a collector of foreign
thoughts. i'll try to help. i can't fix
broken, little boys though. i know that already.
buuuut, i'm very capable..
of accomplishing something.

~steadfast in faith.

i forgot to punch christina's b00b; she cussed
a lot yesterday. someone needs to do that for me.

so, i really want a job, again, yes.
timing! not everything flooowws...
tyler wants to come down here!? :B
i don't want him to. there's NOTHING to do here.
iii want an adventureeeee.
but then, i don't.

&i still think you're like a little demon.
or something.
Current Mood: accomplished

6th June 2010

6:33pm: "Just speak my peace and turn away."
i need to remember what this feels like.

His complexity is amazing..
His perfection is astounding.

On the way home, I had the idea of
just throwing the last of it away, ha.
It's not real; it's not me.
sorry, micheal. :}

It really is okay though.
I don't know that I'm sold on "everything
happens for a reason" but I'm slooowwwllyy
starting to embrace it. every little bit.
i'm trying.
Current Mood: peaceful

1st June 2010

5:09pm: "You're hurt. You're broken. That's alright. That makes us who we are."
i feel better today.
thank you, God.
thank you, anna.
..sometimes, i seem to forget i can go to you.
but you're like nearly always right, like me. :p

yesterday was overwhelming.
i've never EVER felt like that.
maybe people's negative dispositions ARE contagious.
that's scary.
Current Mood: hopeful

31st May 2010

2:55am: i hardly ever check myspace anymore..
"what do i really think about you? i think you were the closest i'd ever get at real love, if there is such a possible thing.."

that made my stomach feel gross[er].
Current Mood: weird

21st May 2010

8:37pm: happy birthday, vanessa.

Current Mood: lazy

22nd March 2010

5:38pm: okay,
I really have gotten tired of getting the
old, "you really were too good for him" bit.
like, really? REALLY? haha.
i hadn't gotten that in quite awhile.

thank you. yes, i'm quite aware of what a loser
he was/is..whatever. i don't..really need to hear
any of it, seeeeing as that information could've
been a littttle bit more helpful then as opposed
to now. so, even though i guess it's nice..telling
me how lucky he was to have had me, it
really is pretty redundant. ..redundant. :)


..lulz. michael actually made really good points
onceeee upon a timmmeee, but yeah. >.>'

anyway! you don't have to say anything, nick.
strange little messengers @ strange little times.

"please, vanessa..don't lower your standards."

aha. aight.

by the way, i'm actually kinda looking forward
to art tomorrowww. strange.
Current Mood: peaceful

15th March 2010

3:10am: wake up, wake up, wake up
very productive day/night. (:
Current Mood: sleeepy&hungryyy

13th March 2010

12:45am: i'm never eating beef jerky again!1!!
there's this guy at school who
reminds me of Spencer [from Underoath]
except he looks reallyy youngg.
ssso he has the honor of being bbyspencer. :3
vicky, you needa see him. hahh.

all guys have a distinct walk; it's weird.
he walks like a little caveman. ahaha.

my fajah came home last weekend, thank God.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

ssso, me & vicky are in Dallas having a baby adventure. :)
Current Mood: thirsty

21st February 2010

11:41pm: :D
pretty sweet weeekend.
God [always] has my back. <3

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

tomorrow's gonna be a good day.
Current Mood: grateful

20th February 2010

6:23am: luuuuuuulz
Manson Pictures, Images and Photos

i was looking at my OLD myspace
picturesss & maaaan, that stuff's funny.
i talked to A LOT of people..
weird people. weird little mix.

you all gave me a good laugh. <3

some things never change..
and then, some do! stevan was
less of d1Ck back then. ahah. really.

buuuut, they made me miss THAT.
..and like, kinda think that high school wasn't
ENTIRELY ghey. especially freshman-sophomore year.

good timesss!, indeed.Collapse )
Current Mood: creative

19th February 2010

11:22am: Ain't on the fence about it, I aint Mr. Feeny...

thanks for dinner, alan! ^-^
Current Mood: aaalrrriiight.

18th February 2010

1:35am: sleepsleepysleepy.
If Cora is fat, then Cora is not a kitten.
Cora is not fat. So, Cora is a kitten.

lolll, Cora.

i had fun looking at stupid videos in
the computer lab with you yesterday, anna!

i had fun catching up with michael &
listening to bad music. haha. :)
he's such an awesome friend.

i feel bad for stevan...
more than he probably does about the whole
situation, HIMSELF. get better!


i'm like, suckkinggg at school right now.
maybe cause my head's not really in it.
..but it IS. I mean, i do DO my work..and ssstuff.


b  u  t ,  i  d  o  n  t  r  e  a  l  l  y  m  i  n  d .

my mascara keeps running all over mah face. D:

"Snoop, you are 6% European."

i don't want to go to art tomorrow. OF COURSE.
they're all gonna judge me & point and laugh! haa.
ugh. >.>

the only times you come to mind is when i drive at night.
Current Mood: ~-~

13th February 2010

1:33am: &then i was awake.
best laugh ever.
..ily guyyyysss(:
danny devito, you carried that movie. hahah.

it sucks that i feel like this about you.

..i've never felt this way about you, even when
other people did. i'd always have at least one
positive thing to counter both their negatives.
i mean, i understood them, but now, i really,
i mean really understand.

i don't like giving up on people. &you've been
there for me. many times. so..
we'll see.

&i feel like i'm being held back.
  ..from what? exactly.
but then, that's probably for the best. it's just too easy.

i got a flat tire today. likea n00b.
oh, & i failed my psychology test~ :D
probably. probably not.

i'm regressing. i'm everywhere. i want this.
i want that. i can't be both. people like me don't
do that. haha, who are you? mmmm.

albert, you sound so cute on that guitar.
Current Mood: sleepy

11th February 2010

9:11pm: hey! old man river, zip it or i'll break your hip.
Kiss me now that I'm older
I won't try to control you
Friday nights have been lonely
Take it slow but don't warn me.

-the strokes know what's upp.

I HATE YOU, SCISSORS! ..&i hate school.
it's sooo annoyinggg.. :/
i can't focus. i don't like writing the "umbrella"
for my writing. i feel so under-appreciated in
English; i'm SMART, lady. >:O
i don't like taking tests on crap
i don't even know..i don't like being confused.
i haven't been this confused..in a LONG time.

i like that me & michael are still BFFS. ahaha. (:

i don't like being "old."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
i want this on meee; i'm sorry. D:
Current Mood: cranky

5th February 2010

10:54pm: time, you're a trip.
putting all the negativity aside,
today's been a pretty good day.

I'm $81 poorer. ..buuut, that's okay.
i'm so good. i got ALL my work done
for the weeekend early. :B haha.

     ...so it says.

i saw some guy with MASSIVE plugs
todaaay. if he was cute i totally would've
talked to him. but, he wasn't. lololol.

what are you guys talking about? o_O

.."You are a parents' wet dream."

eunice thinks i'm a liar. she must.
whatever! i've made up my minddd.
by the beginning of march i shall be
freee, nigga. :D ..how bout that?

joe. you amuse me. very much. i missed
that kid, i miss jaime MOAR. </3
but yeeeh, we were talkinnn' & HE brought
up how the anti-christ probably still likes me
(he doesn't) & just a bunch of other junk.
like, how santos called me a jerk for like
freshman year and all that awkard mumbo
jumbbbo..how all of them liked me & are still
my friends..boys & my categories. how i come
off too strong. ..meh? lol.
FUNNY junk. i WAS a jerkk.
'least we can talk about it. :]] haaa.

i'm gonna go watch dinnershow tomorrow
& be bitter that i'm not in it no mores! >:D

last night was fun.

Current Mood: weird

3rd February 2010

1:00am: i know you...
i shouldn't listen to mew anymore;
they make me wanna do stupid things.


i was even on the register today! :D
Current Mood: hungry

2nd February 2010

12:58am: yes,
the joke is on you. :)

that girl needs to get off babyedwardcullen's nutz.
..she's not even cute. hahaa.

Current Mood: determined

28th January 2010

5:59pm: ..and we can get down, right here in the street.
bless my metabolism;
i'm such a PIG. :B

um, i dunno if i wanna
keep working at pacsun.
i'm getting like, no $$$
aaand i'm gettting tired
of being on people's butt
& pretending to care. -.-


LOL. 0_0

..and like, everyone's gone now.
it's weird. CJ used to live there,
where is he now? Andrick's gone.
and poor Adam Ray is getting less
hours than meee.
i saw him at school yesterday; he's
a sweetheart. :3

anyway, maybe i can just go and do
somethin' else.
anna, any ideaaas? >;)

ANYWAY. it's like suddenly everything
looks that much better. that much more
beautiful. maybe it's the weather?
i sat outside sketching during my break
yesterday. i love the trees. i love the
wind that blows through the trees & my
hair. i love the sky. i love the sun in
the sky.

i love gyros. lolol.
thanks for lunch, sistergirl!

english iz lame. i don't like being
around dumb people. D:
bbbut, at least i have a sorta/kinda friend?!
psychology. lulz. i should really not like
that class but my professor's a qt and there's
this cute guy who sits in front of me. i'm
actually trying to decide whether he's gay
thoughh. hahaa. christopher's silly. -.-
philosophy. i don't...like thinking critically,
BUT i have claudia and mae aand nick aaand sitting
in the back is fun. :)

who knows.

mmmomma leaves tomorrow.
apparently we're "celebrating" with
pizza and ecstasy. hahaha. >.>
Current Mood: blah

15th January 2010

7:39am: pikachu, we're not meant to be. i'm sorry.
i made an AWESOME playlist.
it makes me happy. (:

i've been meaning to share this
with the world. maybe this'll make
you feel [a little] better, christina. <3
this could NEVER stop making me laugh.

lol @ 1:23, christina's mom getting mad.

cedric bixler zavala's voice makes me !!!sakalfaa;!;a! :DDD

i'm gross.
Current Mood: awake

11th January 2010

11:47pm: close your mouth.
i love my family;
it's the ongoing
theme in my life.

jr, don't be a stranger.
"i have a nigga on my ass!"
..haahah. i AM easily amused. :T

time with the sisters yesterday.
heh, it seemed to be an effort?
hopefully the beginning of many
more. maybe she loves me again. ;p

i needa shave my legzCollapse )

i've been such a bum as of lately.
aaand i really don't sleep. i guess you
could tell if you saw me. maybe i'm paranoid. 0_0
probably. i just don't really like sleeping anymore.
nah, i do..just not the idea of it..not at night.

>.> ..my teeth keep falling out in my dreams!
i would be so sad. D:

wwwwwwwwhy does the weather have to be so ugly this weeek?
i \\\waaaaaaaaaaaant/////////my\\\\PIKAAAAACHHHUUUUUUU!!!

this, this is awesome.

so i've really started contemplating tattoos.
Current Mood: good

7th January 2010

3:48am: "you don't have to live in your body.."
sometimes i feel like getting something
else on mahh face, getting something more
"weird" just cause everyone has their freakin'
lip pierced now.
i could seriously start naming off people who
got it after me, but whateveeeverrr. :D
anna, lets go perforate our bodiez. hahaha.

daaang, penis modifications/peircings are CRAZY.
those guys are trippinn'
it IS strange;

but what is "strange?"

i didn't wear eyeliner today.
trust me, dat iz a bigg deal. for me, anyway.

^triple chin. haaa.

should i call in to work todaaay? nah, i don't wanna
call in to work today. i wanna work when i don't have
to but don't want to when i have to. BLAH.
donkey punch was the stuPidEst
movie evar; thanks A LOT, stevAn.

aaanna, you're funny. thanks for sharing my brainnn.


my mind feels good.
life is good.

this game was legit.
Current Mood: amused

4th January 2010

1:41am: daaaaaammmnn,
i hate forgetting about gooood muuuusssiiiicc.
then i just never ever listen to it ever ever againnn.

01/02/2010 <3
baby tere; what a cutie. :3
me, mary, & anna slaved in the kitchen
and made her those. ^
man, we need somewhere new. we ALWAYS go to kumori. >.<
after kumori we went to hastings..for..idk what.
then we went to hollywood video. Rec. The Hangover. 500 Days of Summer.
ew @ the gay guys, chongers, & over exposed fat lady at whataburger.
sleeepover. i love our sleepovers.
more! >:D

i think you're hilarious. games are hilarious. bbbbbuuut,
i'm pretty good at games. :D i have to pee all the time now.

i feel like christina.
bye, christina. i looooooove you.
Current Mood: kindasleeepy.

2nd January 2010

11:35am: this always did it.
by the way,
I'll be taking back
that was mine. thanks. (:
Current Mood: content
8:24am: you're welcome(:
7:56 in daa morrrninggg;
someone make me a sammich.

last night, i was reminded why
i DO NOT like kids...
except, i do.
just..not little girls who are
the antichrist and punch their
little sisters in the face.
"Vanessa, my little sister..
she fell off the bed when she
was a baby. I pushed her off."
XDDD phreakk.


wthwheresjaime?! </3

i made resolutions this year!
..ones i actually intend to keep.
it's gonna be goo00oOd. :D

abdcabdcabdc, omg!

i hope i don't lose my jaaaab.
i actually really do like it.
sort of. yeah, i do.
i guess i could always resort
to my second job. lolol. -.-

shika is ugly...
and she CAN'T sing.
Current Mood: hungry
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